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Recipe for Peter's Bread

Equipment Required:
Scales for weighing, food processor, MixMaster with grain grinder attached, 1 or 2 bread tins.

INGREDIENTS for ONE large loaf at a time.
Note: If you want to make 2 loaves, then you need to mix and pour one at a time of the following recipe.

600gm Spelt Grain
Rye Grain
300gm Sourdough starter (balm). See the Science of Healthy Bread page for how to make the starter.
650gm Water (Cold) (NOTE: Do not use fluoridated water as the fluoride inhibits enzyme activity)
  50gm Quark or cottage cheese
  70gm mashed potato
  16gm celtic salt (refined salt will not work)
  16gm flax seed
  16gm caraway seed

Weigh the spelt and rye (1kg) and grind to flour on finest setting.
Weigh the salt, flax seed and caraway and place in the bottom of the food processor. Add the freshly ground flour and mix with chopping blade for 30 seconds. This aerates flour and makes it extra fine. In the MixMaster bowl add water, sour dough starter, quark and mashed potato mixture and mix at low speed for 15 seconds.


Add contents of Food Processor to the mixing bowl and mix for 30 seconds at high speed and let sit for 5 minutes.  Use dough hook and mix for 2 to3 minutes till dough becomes very elastic.

Spray the inside of the bread tin with cooking spray. Contrary to standard baking practice that uses more flour to make dough non-sticky, my method is to use more water sprayed on the sides of the bowl and use a scraper to pull dough away from the bowl and it comes out in one piece which can be poured straight into the bread tin without your hands requiring to touch or further knead the dough.

Shape the dough by shaking tin from side to side and using spatula. Spray the top of the loaf with water and add sesame seeds. 

Make a second loaf with the same procedure if required. (I do)

Cut the dough several times through to the bottom with a wet knife. Spray top of loaf with water and pat down sesame seeds to make top crunchy.Cover loaf with plastic bag and leave to rise for 6 to 8 hours, (yes you read correctly). Unlike yeast breads which rise in 15 to 30 minutes, this traditional bread needs the time to 'process' the right way. I like to leave mine rising overnight and then bake it first thing in the morning.
Cook bread in fan forced oven @ 225 deg C for 1 hour from placing the bread tins in the oven cold. Then remove from the tins and continue baking the loaf/loaves for a further 15 minutes @ 180 deg C. Remove from oven. When bread is cool slice entire loaf and wrap in packets of four slices and freeze. Thaw and use as required so it's always fresh.